Sunday, March 1, 2009

Zeolite Enhanced With DHQ

Zeolite With DHQ - What Is It?

There are a lot of cancer victims that are hearing about zeolite with DHQ for the first time from Robert Sopias ( who wrote a report entitled "11 Natural Therapies to Conquer Cancer".

Does the book "11 Natural Therapies to conquer Cancer" have any value? well it is written by a guy who has no health background but calls himself a "health consultant". The truth is, he is a brilliant marketer with 11 (and more) products that will cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars a month. Your cancer makes people like Robert Sopias rich. BUT, having said that, do the products he recommends really work??

Well let’s talk about his first recommendation.

Zeolite Enhanced- Now With DHQ

First… what’s the zeolite enhanced with? ENERGIES. Yes you read that right. Robert’s zeolite is enhanced with energies. No cancer fighting super ingredient here, just something so esoteric and ridiculous you have to be deathly ill and in dire need to BELIEVE, to believe this.

What else is in Zeolite with DHQ?

Humic and fulvic acids are in Zeolite now with DHQ. Now if you haven’t read The Liquid Zeolite Book I recommend you do. Click for "The Liquid Zeolite eBook." When you read it, you will understand why these acids can actually be quite harmful. Humic acids and fulvic acids are derived from rotting material. As such they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. The zeolite bottles are miniscule… only a half ounce to an ounce of fluid. When you add cheap fillers there is less room for the stuff you really need. If you really want to drink rotting organic acids, why not just buy a bottle of the stuff at the health food store. I sure don’t want it in my zeolite product and you shouldn’t either.

What about the DHQ?

DHQ must be good right?? Sure. DHQ is an anti-oxidant. It is actually a polyphenol like black tea extract or red wine. Does it do anything when you add it to zeolite?? Absolutey not. It is just more cheap filler taking up the room in a bottle so you get less of the stuff that actually works.

The Original Zeolite…

That’s the zeolite Robert Sopias first ever heard of and started promoting. Why did he stop promoting it? I don’t know for sure, but I might guess that it wasn’t as profitable as some of the many others he has promoted since. Since he IS NOT a medical professional (he actually admits that) he would not have any way of measuring or comparing zeolite products to see which ones work better. There is actually an article on this site that compares zeolites similar to the kind he promotes with humic/fulvic acids and the Original Liquid Zeolite. Click here for Zeolite Comparisons You can see by the chart that some products, out independent lab couldn’t find ANY zeolite particles at all.

Why trust your life to an unknown. The Original is the one everyone tries to copy and now you know why!!

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